WELCOME TO THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF SINGER/SONGWRITER/ARRANGER CHRISTOPH MAUS As MAUS OF MUSIC, and with the help of musical friends, he has recorded and produced a vast amount of songs, of which a selection is presented here on DigiSingles, playable @ 45 RPM. Blessed with a keen ear for pop melodies, MAUS OF MUSIC arranges them by using a palette of many musical colours and styles, ranging from charming simplicity, story telling and Beatelish tunes to multi-layered eccentricity and soundscape complexity.   Click on the record covers below for enhanced listening. ENJOY! contact the artist: maus@maus-of-music.com Please visit also www.maus-of-music/sunwriters Links to MAUS OF MUSIC Books: beatles-worldwide.com rollingstones-worldwide.com bobdylan-worldwide.com der-papagei-aus-paraguay.de Impressum Record Store Day 2018 Please click on the DigiSingles for Videos. Listen, watch and ENJOY! Movin´Too Fast, Movin´Too Slow (LP side 1, DigiSingle 1) Scratch The Surface (LP side 2, DigiSingle 1) ...you ended up a Pussycat (LP sde 1, DigiSingle 2) Stalker (LP side 2, DigiSingle 3)